A Movement

A Movement to transform school Education

Our endeavor at easy Deeksha will be to introduce & inculcate ancient techniques and traditional values to the kids WHILE Nurturing them in modern and futuristic environ with smart tools facilitation TO MAKE THEM Confident, honest, hardworking and responsible in life By not just restricting them within four walls BUT allowing them to enjoy Mother Nature’s Bounty too.

  • A Movement to transform Preschool Education
  • Built on Traditional values & Innovative practice
  • Montessori with continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  • Activity based learning
  • Holistic Development for each Kid
  • We provide a caring, family-like community

Built on Traditional values & Innovative practice:

We structure our early childhood education curriculum around four key elements of development to ensure the growth of the whole child.

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Intellectual

Holistic Development for each Kid:

Our aim is to prepare pupils for their future as responsible, confident, kind, honest, hardworking and compassionate people.

Which we can gain by making them complete, not by just keeping them within four walls allowing them to enjoy the Mother Nature.

All children should be happy at school and not be troubled from an early age by attainment targets and academic pressures. At “Ez Deeksha” School we promote confidence and creativity in a happy learning environment.

We believe that all children are inquisitive, dynamic, creative thinkers. We know that children learn at different paces and can be interested by a variety of diverse aspects and we will explore and promote the most comfortable learning approach for each pupil.

We provide a caring, family-like community:

Our basic aims are to ensure understanding, to develop the skills of inquiry in stimulating but unpressurised setting and to have fun!

Our students cover a broad range of subjects that equip them to go forward as strong, independent thinkers taking their place in an interconnected world.

We provide a caring, family-like community. Class sizes are small with a high ratio of staff to students.


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