ezyDeeksha – Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

We believe that children learn much of what they need to know through play; their play is their work. The school provides an environment where a sense of wonder can flourish and where order and predictability are balanced by flexibility and freedom to experiment.


To keep alive the noble art of imparting knowledge as well creating value additions, to inspire and prepare child to keep learning for life, to keep researching and developing ways of pedagogy, to keep motivating and equip every caregiver to bring out the best and unique qualities in every child for his/her personal growth leading to overall development of their society, the country and hence the world at large.


To make a difference in the lives of every children by advocating, early quality education and also set a benchmark in imparting education.


Creating next generation to get anything with optimum effort and reduced desperation, ultimately learning to lead “Simplicity of Life, Directness of Purpose, and Self Reliance”

Our curriculum is based on the interests and needs of the children. We provide experiences that inspire children to:

  1. Be creative
  2. Feel confident in their abilities and eager to explore new challenges
  3. Celebrate diversity
  4. Understand the concept of “fairness” and learn to solve conflicts peacefully and with words
  5. develop trusting relationships with adults and other children
  6. develop their language and problem solving abilities

As a cooperative, we are committed to working with parents and teachers to provide a positive school experience for children. Together we create a community of support for children, parents and teachers. Parents help in the classrooms and are vital to every aspect of the program.

They perform all the “behind the scenes” tasks needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the school by serving as officers and members of the Parent Board, serving as a member of a committee, helping with an ongoing job, fundraising, maintaining the building, and making decisions about policies and procedures. We seek to enroll families who want to play a very active role in their children’s early education.


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